Limited edition numbered vinyl LP boxed set

from Classic Records

Basic Information

A numbered limited edition* vinyl LP boxed set will be available exclusively through Bob Links. The 2 LP set will be
pressed on high quality 180 gram virgin vinyl and will include a 12" x 12" 40 page bound booklet with extra photos not
included in the CD booklet. All photos have been rescanned in a larger size format for this booklet.

The original session tapes have been remastered specifically for the vinyl box set by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman
Mastering. Bernie is a top masterer and cutter, with a worldwide reputation.

Ordering Information:

Click here to order

Refer all questions to Classic Records.
Their phone number and e-mail address is on their page.

* The non-numbered vinyl set will be available at many locations but the
numbered limited edition set will only be available through Bob Links

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