West Valley City, Utah

USANA Amphitheatre

August 1, 2013

[Wyoming Deb]

Review by Wyoming Deb

Ok, so I have not seen a review up for Salt Lake yet. This is a first for
me but thought after all these years, I would give it a go since no one
else is.

I'd been to the Denver show the day before, and actually didn't know if it
was humanely possible to make SLC in time for the following show! Of
course, got the tickets anyhow and gave it a go, since they were the only
shows doable for me this year. (come on Bob, ski towns again next year.
You know you wanna.)

Had a good time at Fiddlers Green, hanging out in line before the show
with good friends, and the notorious Dylan fan club base, in the nice
smelling shady pines with the Tits. (they are BIRDS... jeese ) And enjoyed
the show a lot there. Didn't get a chance to say goodbye to folks as I had
to hit the road immediately after. Got two hours of driving in, stopped
and pretended to sleep a bit. Got up and kept going. I swear it was like
running for the rail starting from Laramie. Staying within the limits of
speed and safety of course.. No stopping for anything but gas and personal
needs.. go go go.

Got to SLC, traffic trauma, I'm not a city person. A few wrong turns, some
construction near the venue. Got flagged into the parking lot. Got flagged
into my space. Jumped out, asked the flag kid, "When's doors?" Oh, in
about five minutes," he says. Holy crap. Grab the ear plugs, roll up the
windows, lock up and run! Got to the gate, scanned, stamped, ticketed, ran
some more, made the rail far left. Not the best spot, but under the
circumstances, damn fine. Couldn't see Stu or Tony hardly and Reseli not
at all. But the rest was all good. Met a nice young man there that flew
all the way from Germany for the show. Hey, Nikky! I bet his arms were
tired. (Sorry..)

Ok, the show. Bingham. I must say, the only problem with his set is that
it's WAY TOO SHORT. He's been one of my favorite singer songwriters since
he came out with Mescalito. If you don't have that album GET IT. You will
not be disappointed! I admit I don't know his other stuff but that album
is something special, IMO. I shill for him every chance I get, he deserves

I suppose I'm in the minority, but I've not got much to say about the
other two bands in the show. I'll leave it at that.

After cooking to the point of well done in the convection oven they call
USANA it was time for Bob. Amazing how the sleep deprivation and hunger
and thirst and whatever else goes away at that point. Who/what am I
scanning for in the dark there first off at the band entrance? The
GUITARIST. Aha, Colin tonight! I hadn't heard him before and was
pleasantly surprised at his playing during the show. I noticed that Bob
was encouraging his soloing here and there by standing directly in front
of him and gesturing at him to PLAY. I gotta say I like his style alright!

It's kind of odd going to a show and pretty much knowing what you are
gonna get. I liked what I saw/heard though. The band really is tight. But
it doesn't feel, I don't know.. orchestrated. I think the band members
know better what each other is going to do, and is better able to play off
that. If that makes sense. The songs were not that differently played than
they were in Denver, but I think there was more energy tonight, even with
the heat! Bob was in fine voice and good mood. Tell the truth, can't
remember the clothes. No hat, Black suit I think. Band in the grey.

After all this rambling, I'm not going to do a play by play. I'm not so
good at it anyway. Like me you've heard all these songs a billion times..
I can say they made me perk up and listen. Pay attention. Dance and have a
good time! I had a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of the rhythm section, Tony
and George, and they did good! You all know they are the ones that drive
the show, no? Well, yeah Bob directs but they never get enough credit.
They keep it TOGETHER.

 Highlights were, Duquesne Whistle, which truth be told I do NOT like on
the official recording. Too much lap steel or something, but live, Holy
mother, that song has come along. I like that jumpy beat, and Tony plays
the hell out of it on stand up, all over the neck of that thing, even
doing a bit of slap bass in Denver. (couldn't see in SLC) I've never seen
him do that but maybe once before.  I really like that song now! Also
Blind Willie was so well done here. Killer harp solos. Especially the
first one, was appreciated! The other highlight was The Weight. My god, I
never expected to see that live ever. I must admit I got a bit emotional.
It was crazy, the crowd went totally bananas. During the chorus the entire
audience was singing so loud, in three part harmony, that I swear, you
could barely hear the guys on stage! Bob was laughing and laughing! It was
a hoot. I had to write all this mainly to describe my awe at that moment.
It couldn't be left untold. Also there were the lyric changes mentioned by
others, but a bit hard to hear from my vantage point. A bit murky. Lots of
wind this evening too, which was a lifesaver with the heat but not so good
for certain hobbies of others..

All and all a great show. I don't see how it can be improved upon the last
two to go. I was satisfied.

So, once again a good time was had by all. All you road warriors out
there, and you know who you are, start saving those nickles and dimes for
next year so we can do it all again one more time!

Wyoming Deb


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