in Hibbing, Minnesota
is For Sale

After 30 years of nurturing Zimmy's restaurant, the un-official
Bob Dylan / Robert Zimmerman museum in Hibbing, Minnesota,
the owners, Linda and Bob Hocking are looking to sell.

Linda and Bob Hocking
There are volumes of guest books from thousands of wayward
travelers looking to find "Bob" inspiration in northern Minnesota.
It is here - the magic - the mystical Dylan connection!
It is a turn-key restaurant, ready to go. Annual sales were always great
for a small business in a small town. Marketing Zimmy's was never fully
explored and the worldwide recognition came for free. We have been
fortunate to be acknowledged in books, magazines and documentaries.
Our goal was to keep the arts alive in Bob's hometown. Someone
new could bring things to the next level. This was our baby and we
would be happy to help the new owners in any way we could.

-- Linda Hocking
March 29, 2014

Leroy Hoikkalla & Monte Edwardson, former members of Bob Zimmerman's
high school band, The Golden Chords, at Dylan Days in 2011 at Zimmys

Master of Ceremonies Gary Ivan from New York City at Dylan Days in 2010

The Grunt Monkeys from Anchorage, Alaska perform at Dylan Days at Zimmys

inside Zimmys

inside Zimmys

view from the patio at Zimmys showing the Androy Hotel across the street
where the reception was held in 1954 after Robert Zimmerman's bar mitzvah

For more information click here to contact Village Realty in Hibbing

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