Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Robert Morris University
UPMC Events Center

November 15, 2021

[Daniel Chester], [Laurette Maillet], [Mitchell]

Review by Daniel Chester

Watching: a rollicking tribute to Pittsburgh and its rivers

Most Likely: good energy and crisp and friendly and faithful and pretty

Multitudes: great feel/sound for a great song and sung amazing
is it that this same guy wrote Song to Woody 60 years ago and is still on
the road heading for another joint

False Prophet: dull approaching OK (bluezzzzzzz)

Masterpiece: wonderful (violin and piano and  acoustic guitar interwoven),
lucky to hear this again

Black Rider: nice atmosphere but nothing special...would rather hear
something off of New Morning or Infidels

I'll Be Your Baby: completely different version, had a nice little drive
to it (as opposed to the leisure pace of original)

My Own Version: another cool atmosphere and some very cool lines sung
well...maybe a performance where a tight little guitar solo would have
elevated it

To Be Alone: the acoustic guitar and violin and standup bass make a potent choice

Early Roman: pretty much a slog lacking necessary stomp...not a huge fan
of this tune but not sure any tune could have survived this treatment

Key West: piano picked some nice notes and accordian worked and some swell
lyrics ('if you lost your mind you'll find it there')

Serve Somebody: almost a different tune yet it grabbed the attention,
particularly with the new lyrics, and made its own way and was quite

I've Made Up My Mind: well-conceived and delivered and completely fit the
evening with certain lines grabbing the attention again

Melancholy: short and sweet (and sad) and totally fit this show

Mother of Muses: tender and well-wrought and sung well...piano and guitar
on the breaks were nice together...didn't really know this one yet really,
really good...'I've already outlived my life by far'...could have closed
with this one

Jimmy Reed: not bad...way better choices for this valuable slot

Every Grain: one of his all-timers and perfect choice to send people home
with...blessed to hear again

-the guitar players (especially Britt) and Herron and upright piano and
standup bass make for some high-end music -playing new stuff at 80 years
old and having it sound so natural and of its time is no mere party trick
-the singing was mighty fine -so fun to be among the faithful again -the
unity of the band and sound and lyrics and atmosphere made for a special
night -Best of Show (in order): Multitudes; Masterpiece; Every Grain;
Mother of Muses

Thanks Everybody

Daniel Chester


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Charleston we take the road to Pittsburgh. We stop for breakfast at
'Craker Barrel'. I get myself some blueberry pancakes.

Off we go! The ride is easy and we chat for the 4 hours drive about this
or that.

Sewickley is across the bridge from Pittsburgh. Pat's house is full of
paintings from the 60's : The Gratefull Dead, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Hendrix,
and of course Bob Dylan.

We spend the rest of the day and evening watching movies.

November 16.

Day of the Bob Dylan show in Moon Township which is 15 minutes ride from
Sewickley. So this is a relax day. Pat has to go doing errands. I stay
watching 'NCIS Los Angeles' on T.V. Eating from the fridge...

6 p.m. Time to move.

Pat has an extra ticket for me, so no worry at all. Masks are requested
but no prove of negative test ????

The venue is a stadium, maybe 5000 seats. I've been here few years ago. I
don't like stadium anymore. I prefer the cosy atmosphere of the theater.

I believe Bob will start late as it takes time for the audience to fill up
the venue. But...

He is right on time.

Dressed in black.

“Watching the river flow” is a bit confused at the start. The
Musiciens are not in tune!

Bob, as usual, is moving from the center mike to the piano, most often at
the piano, except for “I contain multitudes” where he is bending on
his knees in from of the first row.

He says 'thank you' at the end of some songs. I counted 6 'thank you' all
together. Pat and I look at each other , amused. Bob Dylan can talk and
thanks the public! Woah!

“When I paint my masterpiece” is a wonder! I feel like dancing, and I
do, though the seats are tightly linked together. The man next to me is
also enthusiastic. Some folks, here and there, stand at the end of each
song. Nice audience. At least on the floor.

“To be alone with you” and “serve somebody” are also at the top.

Bob seems to be happy to be here. I am too far to see if he is smiling but
I can believe he did.

Again 'Mother of muses' is not my cup of tea but I close my eyes and focus
on Bob's voice and it does the trick. I feel transported in another
universe with Bob Dylan 'chantin' to me.

Great show.

Bob mentioned somebody from 'this city' (maybe he can't remember the name
of the Moon township???) before introducing the Band. I believe I heard
“I want to thank you in the name of my friends” …

Lights on and the show is over.

I had a fantastic day and evening. Pat made it all so easy to be here in

Pat had a good time to. So he decides to drive me to Hershey for the next



Review by Mitchell

I’ve never written a review of a Dylan concert, but I felt moved to
write one for yesterday’s concert in Moon Township PA.  If was our
53rd Dylan concert, going back to the stadium tour with The Band in the
70’s. I’m not going to give a detailed song analysis. In general,
it was a total reworking of the last show we saw in Washington, DC
pre-COVID (actually his last show pre-COVID). It was a total reworking
of the set list and the band.

I feel that the reworking of the set list was more than just publicity
for the new album. All of the song selections were clearly pointing to
the past (high points and regrets) and looking to the future-a future
not in this world. It is contemplative and other worldly.  And like it
or not, I do feel he is trying to bring a message with the two gospel
songs he brought back. 

The band is still tying to find their cues from Bob.  They did a great
job- I’m not a musician, but I’m sure it can’t be easy playing
with Bob.  And the crowd was great- very appreciative but also very
respectful of the man and the music. As to individual songs, “Mother
of Muses” is even more hymn-like than on the album. Clearly a prayer
and an offer of thanks. Sent chills up my spine. The thing that made me
sad about the show was the clear physical pain Bob is in. He is clearly
still very sharp mentally, he was great with the lyrics, his voice was
fantastic and he looked to be enjoying himself.  But, in contrast to
his standing center stage pre COVID, he just couldn’t do it now. He
had to hold onto the piano and even then, retreated behind the piano
mid most songs. He sat down behind the piano a lot. He doesn’t stand
straight. He got help going down the steps from the back of the stage.
Clearly his back/hips are hurting.  I think we have to face it- as much
as he has, does and always will mean to us, his body is that of an 80
year old man.

I don’t know why he continues to do show after show when it is so
difficult physically. Maybe it is part of a “deal” he made many
years ago as he once said.  Maybe he wants to teach us as long as he
can. Maybe the sheer joy of playing. Who knows. It almost reminds me
of Pope John Paul II, who insisted on traveling and preaching even as
he continued to suffer in health.  Whatever the reason, I was so glad
to be there and hope to see him again in DC on December 2.



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