London, England

Royal Albert Hall

October 21, 2015

[Dominic Nasmyth-Miller], [Trevor Townson]

Review by Dominic Nasmyth-Miller

Huge gratitude to the  staff of the RAH fortreating those blessed with 
tickets for last  night’s show, as welcomed guests.So often fans are treated 
like cattle  by Security at large arenas; I guess ifthe setting is a cow-shed 
then  maybe the twisted logic makes some sort of senseto some - but not 
at the  Royal Albert Hall. Such an incredible and iconic location – a
perfect choice for such an incredible icon. The set list and stage layout
were inaccordance with recent shows; the quality of sound was however
exceptional –every song adjusted to suit Bob’s voice; clear focused
all around. Having used concerthalls historically to show-case his music
more so than albums and singles, thesong choices that are currently
performed are just so good – it’s all good.Even the less frequently
selected tracks on the playlists at home have whenperformed live; a
depth, a darkness and a life that is less apparent when playedon the
album version. It is not that the recorded versions are in
anywayinferior, it is just that when performed live, they have a
superiority that it isunable to be captured within the confines of the
studio.  Stand out songs on the night; Long and WastedYears – an
incredible version, which prompted a standing ovation, Why try tochange
me now and Love Sick.  The band were so tight, such a great sound
–even Stu with his maracas on Early Roman Kings – and Bob was
smiling, dancing(albeit like grandad at a wedding) but he was definitely
dancing. Whether it was to ensure that time exists toperform twenty
songs or maybe it was Bob catching the eye of 13 year old Isaac sittingon
the second row – that he opted to drop the penultimate verse from Pay
InBlood. It could be considered that in thatmoment he thought I need to
ensure I don’t corrupt the mind of the youthand decided not to sing the
line “you ba$&%rd I’m supposed to respect you” Thatit is our view
and we are sticking to it – thanks Bob. Wonderful to catch-up with
Mark, George andfamily outside afterwards, lovely to be introduced to new
folks who have beenmaking the same journey for decades before, and with
those who have only just startedon the trip – such a great experience.
And topped-off by meeting Ronnie Wood atthe stage door beforehand who 
was generous with his time. So fab, roll on tonight – roll on Bob.
Dominic Nasmyth-Miller


Comments by Trevor Townson


Jenny; What; It's me; I know, who else calls at 3 in the morning; Been to
the Royal Hall thing; What was it like; Dunno, strange; What do you mean
by strange; Bob singing Sinatra; Well, you expected that with his new
album and previous reviews; I know but hearing them I am not sure; Did he
sing them well; Yes for sure, they really suit his voice big style, they
were really exceptionally good but just not him somehow; What do you
mean?; Well, like the office girl who can sing 'I will survive' better
than Gloria at the local pub during the Karaoke, or the guy on X Factor
who you believe for a moment is the best singer in the world ever; What
are you saying?; Bob is better than that, he could write his own short
songs that suit his voice; Could he do that; What, Bob Dylan write a few
line stanzas or whatever short tunes are called, sure he could easily do
that; Well, who knows, Bob has always been the best judge of what he does
and when so just leave it up to Bob and enjoy what he gives you in the
moment; I will always do that and be truly appreciative of course, but,
the best song of the night by a country mile was "Tangled", pure Bob
brilliance, took me back to a time when Dad was still alive and I still
had a few dreams left, that is what Bob is to us all, "Together Through
life", young and old, we are doing the best that we can, you know, Bob is
not really doing so bad overall, could be better, but so could we all,


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