Brussels, Belgium
Forest National

October 15, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Marc Rosseel ]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Brussels October 15th.
Arriving on time by FLIXBUS, on the 14th, I take métro 55 as instructed 
by Erwan, my couchsurfing host.
He's waiting for me and we have a chat about making stain glasses. 
This is his job.
I then retrieve to my private room for a nice sleep.
Next morning, we ( Erwan and I) decide to visit some streets in Brussels 
where we'll find Art Nouveau. Erwan  book two entrances for the 
Hortat museum.
Hortat was the precursor of Art Nouveau in architecture. The museum 
was his private home.
We walk some of the streets of Brussels I never new, for four hours, 
and I learn a lot about the history of  Belgium.
Then I walk 40 minutes towards the 'National forest'. As soon as I see 
the venue, I know I've been here before. Last Dylan show in Brussels.
Some fans start talking to me about my reviews and I sell some of my prints.
Thanks good people :)
A journalist with a camera will interview me, asking few questions.
"I think Dylan is a Poet more than a Rock Star.
He is putting his Poetry into music.
He is a mix of Rimbaud and Elvis Presley. He is one of a kind".
Was my answer :)
We are back to a 'classical' tour in a large arena.
This one might be 6000 seats.
Thanks Hilda I have a ticket.
I walk in to take my seat on the first balcony back.
The floor is packed, so will be the rest of the venue.
The crowd is "bon enfant". I'm happily surprised to hear people talking 
to each other in good humor and mainly in French :).
I'm wondering if they will stop talking during the show :)
Bob starts few minutes late.
"Watching the river flow" is massacred. The sound at the mike is bad, 
so Bob decides to do a long piano solo.
"Most likely you go your way's is not so good.
I find "I contain multitudes" weak.
By "False prophet" Bob finds his voice and from then on that will be fine.
Though the arena is too big to have a good sound everywhere.
On "Masterpiece" there is a roar when he mentions Brussels.
There is always an echo on "black Rider" but I believe it's on purpose.
On "I'll be your baby tonight" we'll hear twice 
"I'll be your baby CE SOIR". Much applause :)
"Rubicon" is fantastic. The sound going crescendo. My favorite tonight.
Bob will make a slight mistake on "Key west".
I hear twice 'coming out of Luxembourg and Budapest".
He moves three times center stage but quickly, wearing a black shirt.
He introduces the Band at minima, with just a remark on Donnie playing
the violin.
(Donnie without a mask tonight.)
Always asking Charley to stand up "so the people can see you".
I feel that he was more tired than in Paris being sited behind the piano 
for solos.
The public is remarkably quiet and respectful for such a large crowd.
Behind me some fans applaud on "Key west" and "Mother of Muses" 
right at the first notes.
Followers??? :)
All together a good show but nothing like Paris.
Not even Krefeld.
I step out to see a wave submerging me.
Too many people, I feel dizzy!
I walk to my metro.
Eat bread and jam. Drink a glass of water.
And go to bed.
Tomorrow is another BD day.


Review by Marc Rosseel


"Tomorrow is a long time."
The Rough And Rowdy Ways tour landed in Brussels last night. With a
greatful joyful heart and my beautiful son we stepped into the temple of
music, like I did so many times before. A million faces at my feet and yet
only 1 familiar to me... hiding behind his piano in a dim light, Bob is in
town! Forest is packed and they show the love for His Bobness, shouting,
clapping and standing ovation, song after song, as a King deserves! The
canvas tonight started like it should, a big white soft lightend
stagefloor, and once the cristal clear voice appeared, overthrown with
perfectly skilled performed notes of each musician in his cowboy band, the
colors started to fall in place... What a craftsmanship... a pure Artist!
The words in each story he performs grab you by the throat, what else can
you expect from a Literature Nobel Price winner? This is what he does,
this is where he's happy, where are you going to be at the age of 81? The
moving goes difficult but his mind is sharp and full and young! "I'll Be
Your Baby Ce Soir" he shouts... Bob knows he's world... :-) 2 hours, 17
songs, and his Masterpiece is ready, although, to me. The Artist himself
continues to try to paint his Masterpiece and when that happens,
everything will be "soooo different" he sang. But the painting he left
tonight in Brussels,  after disappearing like Houdini into the night, is a
colorful neo-impressionist, pointilistic piece of Art. Just like Seurat,
Bob aimed to produce a greater degree of luminosity and brilliancy of
colour in his performance. Next weekend I'm privileged to "hear" his art
again in the magnificent Palladium, London... LONDON!!! No harp for my son
tonight, but who needs one if you already got one from Bob... (Magdeburg
1996) With a joyful heart I came and with a joyful grateful heart we drove
out of town, listening to my son's favorite... "Tomorrow is a long time
"... sigh... 

Marc Rosseel


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