Canandaigua, New York

Finger Lakes Community College
Constellation Brands - Marvin Sands PAC

August 9, 2011

[Oscar Montes], [Christopher Smith], [Linda Lu], [S. Rand]

Review by Oscar Montes

After visiting Greenwich village in NYC on weekend it was time for some Bob
shows. Great to meet Sue Osborne from Canada! And see again my friends Denise
and Nichole! Rita, Simone and Doddie from Italy were also there! Love minus zero
was a wonderful surprise after the opening Leopard-Skin. Bob in great mood
enjoying a lot most of the show, specially playing harp on Things have changed
with new country arrangements. He also loved to play harp on TUIB! A great
Mississippi and John Brown with Bob on harp were highlights of the night. Blind
Willie McTell was so beautiful and Highway 61 as usual shook the venue. A sweet
Simple twist followed with Bob on guitar. A really special and new thing
happened during Mr. Jones! When Bob finished singing a phrase we could hear
echoes of it all over the place! Yes, really cool! This took place during all
this song! The encore, Like a rolling stone and Watchtower! People really
excited waiting for Bob for another encore, but that did not happen this time!
Fantastic show I must say! Now we're heading to Scranton!

Oscar Montes


Review by Christopher Smith

I will try and make this short but it's difficult because there are so many
brilliant moments to talk about. i celebrated the evening with my dad and we
had a wonderful time!  It was my 44th dylan show and I hadn't seen him in a few
years so the excitement level was on high. First I'd like to say to all the
naysayers out there to cool your jets! Bob is still the fabulous showman,artist
& entertainer that we'd all expect him to be. At 70 years of age he & his band
rocked the venue with pure enjoyment! I really enjoyed the different
arrangements of his songs. He still has what it takes to keep 'em coming  and
to keep us happy. It was a real treat to see him on guitar again even if it was
for just a few songs. I loved Things Have Changed and the Blind Willie was
awesome! Highway 61 rocked as usual,Simple Twist was beautiful but for me the
highlight was Ballad of a Thin Man. The echo-delay on Bob's vocals were a real
treat and the crowd responded with blasts of cheer! And per usual the band were
on fire! The Watchtower and Rolling stone were again different but still
powerful and had the crowd raising there fists with joy. Bob is still the
greatest to me and as long as I am able I will continue to see him perform. I
will surely anticipate the next Tangled, John Brown or whatever else the man
has up his sleeve! A 5-star night in my opinion and to me Bob will never
disappoint! I look forward to the next one....

Christopher Smith
Welland, Ontario Canada


Review by Linda Lu


This show was at the CMAC on the Finger Lakes Community College Campus. Was
lucky enough to score front row center seats--best seat I've ever had at a
concert thanks to my bright, funny, and intuitive friend Monica who's been
determined to get me to a Dylan concert for years.

Had the pleasure of meeting Zachary Brown's twin camouflaged in a Bob Dylan hat,
AKA Adam , who appeared well-schooled in all things Bob Dylan.  He graciously
answered my questions about the concert......Why does the band stay focused
solely on Bob?  (Very little interaction with the audience)  Why doesn't Bob
talk to the audience?  Bob seems so happy....does he always smile so much?  How
old is he?  (Wow 70???? Monica's right--he's still hot--although more her type
than mine).  When trying to describe his stage performance, only one word comes
to mind....swagger, and this guy's got it!

I love the intimate atmosphere--simple, understated stage setup, without the
glitz and distraction of most artists of his caliber.  The focus was on the
music.  Speaking of music, although I am not all that familiar with Bob's
prolific work, I did recognize a few of his songs.  The highlight of this
concert for me was listening to Bob playing the harmonica--sweet and sexy.  He
can play for me anytime. I totally get why Monica likes his concerts so much. 

Overall, great venue, band, company, and music.  According to Monica, her
favorite part of the evening was the song, Blind Willie McTell, and BOB'S


Review by S. Rand

Looking forward to the next two days....I am so excited I can hardly stand
it.  A hard rain fell during the entire 4 hour drive to Canandaigua.  Upon
arriving in Canandaigua it was pouring,.....buckets of rain!  We weren't
going to let the rain spoil the long anticipated concert and continued on
with our day.  Later that afternoon the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and
the sun came out!  It was going to be a great summer night with Bob under the
amphitheatre shell at CMAC.  CMAC is a beautiful venue.  The seating was very
comfortable and provided an excellent view of the stage. We always seem to luck
out and end up with the best seats.  We were a bit concerned about getting out
of the parking lot after the concert, however due to the very well organized
Parking Lot Attendants, traffic was directed out of the lot very smoothly
without any delays. What an amazing show....opening with Leopard-Skin Pill-Box
Hat to set the tone for the evening.  Love Minus Zero/No Limit and I was so
overcome with the anticipation and excitement I could have cried for the pure
joy of it all. Bob looked like he was enjoying himself and in a great smiling
mood and so were we.  This proved true for the rest of the night as Bob and the
boys performed with an enthusiasm that was played out in an extra long and
wonderful Summer Days.  Bob kept nodding to the boys to continue on and on.
Blind Willie McTell, Highway 61 and Simple Twist.  Does it get any better than
this!  It was delightful every time Bob put his mouth on the Harp.  It would
appear that he knows how sweet this is and played his heart out for us.  I waved
my "Bob, This Land is Your Land" homemade poster hoping to prompt him to
consider closing the show with such luck....what a dreamer I am!  The
night was closed with Rolling Stone and Watchtower.   We had a great time and I
will hold my poster up high tomorrow night to let him know that this land is his
land.  One more sleep then Scranton, PA! 


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