Evansville, Indiana

Roberts Stadium

August 2, 2011

[Kendall Johnson]

Review by Kendall Johnson

The Last Time?

Made the solo trip from Marion, IL over to Evansville to catch Bob one last
time..which is what I said the last time. I like Evansville because its easy in
and out with no parking hassles at Roberts stadium. The main reason was because
Charlie Sexton was back and I was hoping he would really cut loose. After a few
brews at the watering hole across the street and mingling with some Bob fans, I
entered about seven ten, bought my souvenir poster and grabbed my 25  dollar
seat.  Very few young people and the place was less than half filled, but the
high dollar seats were all full. To my pleasure the lights dimmed soon after,
and the usher said we could move up to the 45 dollar seats if no one claimed
them. Leon Russell did a nice set, and was I thinking I can hardly understand
the lyrics.  After the break Bob and band came on and performed a pretty good
set list compared to the ones in the last week, so I was pleased. The sound was
OK-Bob's organ seemed to loud and besides Charlie's guitar could hear nothing
else. I always see Herron playing all these instruments but you can't hear him.
Charlie was an improvement to the band but didn't play as many extended solos as
I'd hoped.  I don't care much for Bob's center stage stuff, but must say his
harp playing was better than ever. His "puppet dance" always cracks me up. After
Thin Man, Bob introduced the band and they did a nice 3 song encore. The crowd
was great...maybe it will be their last time. Was it the last time for me? 
Seven times should be enough, I don't have any more wall space for posters. I
always wanted to hear Senor and Blind Willie McTell live but looks like it won't
happen. On the flip side, seems like I get to hear Highway 61 every time, which
is one of my favorites. Looking at the upcoming schedule, I am amazed at how he
keeps on doing it.   Thanks BoB

Kendall Johnson


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