Milan, Italy
Teatro degli Arcimboldi

July 3, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Milano 1.
I reach Milano two days before the first show as I skipped 
Montreux show.
I check in the cheapest hostel I could find.since I have to 
pay for four nights. Bad mistake.
I am in a room of twelve people and...bed bugs. The first night 
I'm literally eaten by bugs and mosquitos. My body is a rash. 
I won't be able to sleep for three nights.
Nonetheless because I can't afford another room I stay.😡.
I don't have the energy to visit Milano. But I've been here 
already before.
The day of the show I hope for a better spirit. I usually don't 
like the pre-show meeting but this time that would have been 
welcome. I meet only Ulie and Monika at a cafe. Thanks for the 
company and the drink.
I made a mistake on the show time. Tonight it will start at 9pm. 
Not 8pm. Why? Who knows 🤔
Then I have to look for my ticket. My itching body doesn't help 
to look happy. I also remember than last time in Milano at 
Arcimboldi theater I didn't get in.
The people are indifferent. I'm just invisible. Except for 
curious journalist and folks who find my situation amusing if 
not ridiculous. " You want a free ticket, really?".
It takes a lot to laugh,
By 9.10pm I'm the only one out.
it takes a train to cry.
When a Lady arrives running and saying she has an extra ticket 
but she's waiting for her boy friend. Who will arrive running. 
They want money for that ticket and the scalper next to me 
doesn't help. I propose 20€ but it doesn't work. I'm afraid 
they will go in with that ticket that ,by now, I'm desperate 
to have. He says 50. And I find my last 50€ bill. It takes f
orever for the ushers to write the seats numbers on the paper,
 secure the phones and ...ask us to wait the end of the song on. 
 I hear "I contain multitudes".
Then I rush in. There is a problem with the seats being taken 
by other folks. I see an empty seat right in front of me and 
Last seat on the right of the first quarter.
Bob is already fully into "False prophet" .
His voice doesn't appear so clear. The BAND is loud.
I try to enjoy myself but I have to spray some cream all over 
my arms in between the songs.
The audience is reacting politely. Some folks in the back 
obviously knowing the setlist and songs.
"Not fade away" is ending then they start a song I don't know.
 It sounds Rock and Roll.
I will need to ask few fans to figure out it's "Bad Actor" by 
Merle Haggard.
Someone told me that Bob and the Band rehearsed 100 songs 
before taking the road.
So we're ready for more surprises.
Would be great to change some of the Dylan songs too. As Bob 
has no problem of memory on new songs 😁
Before the show I spotted Scarlet Rivera walking in.
After the show a group forms around her for a chat. That group 
moves to the backstage door where the musiciens are waiting to 
Tony Garnier joins the group for a talk.
We all say "good night Tony" before walking to a nearby 
Thank you Nancy for sharing your pizza.😘
I have to walk 40 minutes, back to my crummy hostel, past one 
o' clock.
I will have to take three warm showers during the night to 
relieve my body pain.
The show might have been terrific...but truly I have hard 
time to be happy.
Tomorrow is another day!


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