Kosice, Slovakia

Steel Arena

June 27, 2014

[Adam, Jo and Elizabeth Curtis and Sarah Ellis]

Review by Adam, Jo and Elizabeth Curtis and Sarah Ellis

We arrived early Friday in the beautiful Slovakian city, and the first
sign of Bob activity was the big banner outside the Steel Arena. Checked
into the Hilton and saw Tony Garnier shopping for souvenirs. The security
movements in the afternoon led us to believe that Bob himself was staying
there too, this was confirmed by overhearing another group of Bobcats
chattering the day after the concert!!

A pleasant enough Arena, with a fantastic crowd who appeared to love every
moment of the show, including a stage rush for Long and Wasted Years. A
good view of Bob for us, displaying his magnificent white cowboy boots
with some stunning moves behind the piano!

The standard set performed to the usual amazing standard, night after
night after night. This was the 9th time I've seen this set and I will
never get bored with it!

We saw the tour bus at the end, ready for the long overnight drive to
Vienna. The following day was spent visiting sights in Kosice - the
cathedral, the park, the amazing railway station. We finished off with a
meal at the Little India restaurant, superb food.

Great Slovakian beer and the beautiful city streets kept spirits high post
gig. A truly memorable weekend!

Adam, Jo and Elizabeth Curtis and Sarah Ellis, UK


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