Nashville, Tennessee

Carl Black Chevy Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel

June 26, 2016

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

The city of Country and Western Music.
I arrive with Greyhound, (the bus not the dog), at 6 a.m. 
I had a terrible bad night on the bus.
At 7 a.m. I start walking towards downtown in the heat. The streets are
deserted. Not a cat, not a dog. Oh my! Where is my Starbuck Cafe and
coffee? No where to be seen. On the pavement I walk on "Cash and Dylan
photos", the advertisment for the exhibition at the Country Music Hall of
Fame. I find a Panera Bread, a cafe and bakery combined, close to the
Ryman.Good! I will spend a big part of my time in there, comfortable in
the cool air with Wifi. I search in vain a solution to reach the venue,
again , far out of town, with no public transportation to get there. I
decide to pay a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame. If I can't make
it to the show, well, at least, I can see Bobby in videos. For 24.95$
(they don't make discount for a Dylan Fan) I spend 2 hours watching and
listening Country and Western. The Dylan/Cash exhibit is neat, covering
Dylan period from 'Blonde on Blonde' to 'Nashville Skyline', his
recordings in Nashville Studios with Nashville musiciens and producers.†
Plus the videos of his apparences with "hello! I am Johnny Cash" or 'The
Man in Black'. As I step out the streets are feeling up, particularly
Broadway, the main avenue, where we find the music bars and ... the loud
music. I retreat to my Cafe until 6.15 p.m. when a nice couple, Dylan
Fans, will drive me to the venue in a far far away country. I find a lawn
ticket for 20 bucks, right away. We slowly move in, bitting the heat with
cold drinks. Less a picnic than Chicago and I'm happy about it. I hold the
rail on the right side of the floor, out of the reserved area. I am pretty
close and no one, what so ever will stop me for dancing and Karaoking. I
start with Mavis. By now I know her repertoire by heart. She mentions
having a Mc Creary sister with her? I have to find out. I don't† believe
she is Regina though.† I shake hand with her as she will pass by me. The
air is not cooling of. It is stuffing and I sweat a lot. 8.	30 p.m. "
boom! Boom!" Says Georgie's drum. "Things have changed" (or will,
eventually! ). The sound is loud and metalic as the atmosphere. Bobby in
... black. Who stole his stage suits, the nice ones with the 2 swords and
embroidered? Where is his assistant? Fired? I saw Barron wearing glasses.
Oh my! We're all getting old! Bobby 's voice is clear and loud. Maybe they
finaly open the 2 mikes in front of him? He's on fire. Electrified as
yesterday in Indianapolis. But today there is no mistake on "Duquesne
whistle". He is focusing. The public reacts appropriately,† a Nashville
crowd, used to music. They know the Sinatra songs as well. Charlie and Stu
are particularly 'appliques', so is sweet Donnie who is from Nashville?
The steel guitar fit the electric atmosphere. The thunder storm is on
stage. Bob is even rushing the lyrics out, faster and faster. The
highlight? 'I'm a fool to Love you'. It brings tears in my eyes! I finaly
made my show in Nashville! Of all the cities I didnít want to miss this
one! The only PERFECT one so far. As the crowd moves out I hear no bad
comments. A respectfull and happy audience is packing up on the side of
the path to leave place for the Black buses to move the next
show. Bobby's already sleeping in the back of his Rock and Roll Home?
Night, night! (The white suits are pretty and cool in the hot weather, my


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