Barcelona, Spain
Gran Theatredel Liceu

June 24, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

June 24th. Barcelona 2.
Things didn't happen as planned. When I was ready for a swim I 
realized the weather was not as great as yesterday. So I just 
took my 'cafe con leche' in a bar by the sea and wrote my 
review for Boblinks. I then took a walk along the beach. No 
swimming today.
Graham suggested to visit the Picasso museum was 
closed. So Graham, kindly, invited me for a lunch in an Indian 
restaurant/fast food. An interested concept. The food was 
excellent. My best meal on that Tour ??
I walk the Rambla about twenty times before show time. At 
least time for the doors to open by 6.30 pm.
We are few looking for an extra ticket.
Not so easy!
But a lot of fans come talking to me; my reviews' followers. 
Thanks folks. Much appreciated. I even managed to sale some 
of my prints (not easy on that tour) to three Ladies from 
Denmark. Much appreciated. Thanks ??????.
For those two shows Fans came from different European countries.
By 7 pm the black van cautiously and 'privately '?? driving 
Bob Dylan is entering the parking garage under the screaming  
'Bobby! Bobby!' of about 15 fans. Did he like it or not???? 
Hilda comes to me and proposes to buy me a ticket. A beautiful 
Lady who already helped me with Tix. I go immediately to a man 
selling for under price ticket. It's a second balcony. Better 
than the night before.
Same beautiful theater. The Beacon, the Rex, the Majestic 
(in San Antonio) are similar. I think Bob should do his new 
setlist only in those nice and intimate venues. No more sport 
They start on time with an ovation from the public.
The echo on "Black rider" is more discreet than last night.
No harp on "Masterpiece".
14th song is "Not fade away".
And tonight no surprise song.
A long introduction of the Band. Bob asks Bob Britt to play 
something on his guitar (a few notes) and asks Donnie to play 
a bit of violin ??
He is talkative tonight.
The songs are all well executed (except for a light mistake 
on "Every grain of sand") but for my opinion it's lacking of 
yesterday's energy.
No harp at all.
At some point Bob is playing something weird on the piano and 
I see Doug and Tony moving close and following Bob's hands. I 
can't tell what was different ??
The kid next to me is from UK. First BD show.
He is carefully noting the songs??? Should read the setlist 
from Boblinks??
Still one of the best shows with an enthusiastic and 
respectful audience.
Bob's voice and diction as clear as ever.
The sound perfect.
Thanks to my good friends.
I had a nice stay in Barcelona!


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