Morrison, Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

June 19, 2016

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Denver Colorado.
I arrived at the airport in the early afternoon. 
I caught the train to Union Station then the free Shuttle to Civic Center. 
So far so good. Jeff, a friend, will meet me on Broadway street and walk 
me to his apartment. I arrived at the end of the Gay Pride today. The
ambiance is festive.  We have a frugal meal and a good night sleep.

June 19th 2016.
It's a new morning and there is a show tonight at Red Rocks. The problem
is to reach the place, far away in the wilderness.  Almost impossible without 
a car (like everywhere in the states) but miracles happen. Carol, a Fan and 
FB friend will propose a ride from his hotel to the venue. 2 buses and 2 hours 
later we reach the hotel. Carol and Joni drive us to the venue parking lot 
where we meet with the Bob Dylan Fan Club. We have a pleasant 2 hours 
talking and drinking as it is hot. Then the Fan Club splits at 6.00 p.m.  
Everyone will concentrate on his own Bob Dylan universe.  Mine is first to 
find tickets for Jeff and I.  Easily done. Most of the cheap tickets are GA. 
Our plan is to .... stand up and dance.

Mavis Staples is the opening. I love her. She is so inspirational and 
entertaining.  The queue is moving slowly to the top of the Red Rocks 
mountain. The Amphitheatre had been built between the Rocks. It is a 
breathtaking view all around. The Amphitheatre is packed with 8 000 folks.
Mavis is on when we finally move in. We stand on the side, under the 
trees. I can stand and sing and dance without disturbing the quiet crowd.
Thanks to Mavis to warm up the atmosphere. 

15 minutes break and Stu is taking his position and George on the drums.
"Boom, boom!" And here they are all in white and Bobby all in black(except 
his hat and part of his boots). Do I have to give you the setlist?  I guess, no.
I anticipate each song and get ready for a sing along. A karaoke party for me. 
Yippy!  As usual the crowd reacts to "tangled up in blue" and "blowin'in the 
wind". As usual the chattings are heard everytime Bob puts a Sinatra song on. 
It is disturbing.  Disturbing the people constantly going to the bar to get a 
beer. We lost the respect Bob Dylan was inspiring in the 60's. Nonetheless 
the public is warm and happy, a lot more eclectic than in Berkeley, even young 
children are roaming around. A picnic Fest. The first part is a little bit slow. 
It gets a lot better with "high water" and on. 

The highlight for me is : "Scarlet town", a song I never realy pay attention to 
until now. But tonight it is powerful.  As "The early Roman Kings" are. It must 
be due to Stu's powerful guitar, more inspiring than the maracas. 
Great show. Well done Bobby! Not a mistake.

Slowly, so slowly we move away under the full moon (upside down?).
I have "Me lan CHO ly mood" in my head. Oooooh Melancholy mood!
Night, night Bobby D.
Travel safe! See you soon.


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