Los Angeles, California
Pantages Theatre

June 16, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Nancy Cobb]

Review by Laurette Maillet


L.A. 3. June 16th.
Nothing much to do except relaxing. I don't feel like visiting the mansions
in Beverly Hills when evey day I'm confronted with PEOPLE who have 
absolutely nothing : no water, no restroom, no food, no dignity. 
There is something called SOLIDARITY. ...But that word here is banned
I walk to the Pantages in late afternoon.
6 pm. Same crowd. Same 'freaks' looking for miracle tickets.
Luckily a good Samaritan I know from many years has an extra.
I get myself a chocolate milk. How's that for dinner?
I try to sell my prints as the security here is fine with T-shirts "bootleggers", hot 
dogs venders, water bottle venders and other poor souls trying to make a living.
Erik, Dylan's security guy, waves hello to me. 
So I'm OK???!!!
Tony walks by and chats with many fans. Always smiling
I make some bucks selling two prints and walk in.
Mezzanine, row D , 903.
The view is fine.
Bob starts 8.03pm.
The shirt is different : the colorful one from the fist shows. Washed and 
ironed by Suzie
Guitar for the intro. Thank you Bobby!
The public is a lot more quiet than yesterday.
Some reactions on "from east L.A. to San Anton"laughings on "the size of 
your coke"...
Bob is up center on many songs but on the mezzanine no one stands up.
"My own version of you" is outstanding. As well as "I've made up my mind 
to give myself to you".
Few " thank you". And one or two loud laughs turning towards Bob Britt.
A great show. No doubt. But my day had been lonely and gloomy.
I had to make the decision not to follow after Ben Oregon.... Unless a Miracle!
I walk quickly out. I want to know if Bob goes back home or go straight to 
San Diego. 
The BD bus is running with Bob inside already.
Security fights with the same three 'freaks" who runned after the car yesterday.
What do they except?
It's causing Chao.
I just wave bye to Bob and the Band.
See you in San Diego.
Stacy and his girlfriend will invite me for an after show  'strawberry pie' . 
Thank you.
I'm not sad to leave L.A.
Crazy town


Review by Nancy Cobb

I was temped to stay and see 1 more show in LA and was glad because it
was the best barely beating out the last show in Oakland. This show was
set up with all of the band directly facing the audience and Bob passing
thru the line to stage front with a guitar on the opener was quite dramatic.
In fact all of the non-RARW songs are undergoing interesting rearrangement.
The audience was more subdued and there were no obvious dancers but
Bob apparently appreciated us anyway. He said we were an awesome crowd!
I am a "valley girl" and used to having a reputation of being an airhead, so I
am sensitive to the word "awesome" and do not think Bob has ever used it
in a song or in commentary to his audience before. Anyway he played Every
Grain of Sand again and the band and Bob continue to fine tune the 
beautiful songs from his last album.


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