Los Angeles, California
Pantages Theatre

June 15, 2022

[Laurette Maillet], [Hermann Rechberger]

Review by Laurette Maillet


June 15th. L.A.
A good start with a free breakfast at the YH.
A meal a day keeps the doctor away
I don't have much to do and checking the website for L.A. activities 
I find a Van Gogh exhibition. The ones they project on the walls with 
animation. Should be a good one with Van Gogh Art.
I spend two hours in total Van Gogh immersion. Recommended though 
a bit expensive
I find a print shop to print more of my paintings. Always a good way to 
get a ticket or some bucks.
By 5pm I'm ready for a new BD show at the Pantages.
Same crowd, same "freaks" looking for miracle tickets.
I get one from a good Samaritan who likes my paintings.
Mezzanine, row D, 103. The view is fine. I'm sure the sound too.
I chat with the young man next to me: Didier, 29 years old from...Costa Rica. 
Him and his Dad just flew to LA for two BD shows. woah!
Nice kid. I give him my V.I.P. Bob Dylan badge (got it from someone ).
8.07pm. Lights dim dim. But I'm sure folks are still out trying to pass security 
and put their mobile in the YONDR Pouch. It's no yonder but a pain in the ass
Bob picks up his guitar. We will get used to it?
His shirt is white tonight.
And to mention the two bottles on the right side of the piano again.
"My own version of you" is staccato. Cut in pieces.
Bob will move center stage to pose 5 times. Mainly after the "Rough and 
rowdy ways songs" : "I contain multitudes" "False prophet" "Black rider"
"Crossing the Rubicon" "I've made up my mind to give myself to you" . 
And every time the public is up.
Reactions particularly when he mentions "East L.A."
Some laughings on "the size of your coke will get you nowhere".
Just before "To be alone with you" Bob points at a fan , maybe fourth or 
fifth row , right in front the piano. Says "take away your camera, take 
away your camera or you'll have to leave, take away your camera" .
A man is up with his hands in the air.
Camera or not? I'm not sure. No security will do anything. Weird that Bob 
could see so far but the lights are never totally off.
He should be mentioning the two girls dancing in the front instead. 
Much more positive
After that...might be my own spirit but I don't feel the inspiration to 
enjoy myself.
Though Bob says "Thank you everybody. Thank you Art lovers". 
I'm not sure of his sincerity
"Serve somebody" is botched.
"Jimmy Reed" a good Rock.
He concerts with Tony and the guitar players before starting again 
"Friend of the devil".
A routine???
No guitar at the end.
The audience is up and dancing.
But this is a Dylan show, folks, not the Greatfull Dead
I rushed out to unlock my mobile and see the silver car speeding in front 
of me. I make a V sign. When three crazy "freaks"start chasing the car in 
the middle of the road. The car passes a red light and makes a sharp turn 
on the left street. Woah!
This is still happening after all those years? But those guys could be 
Dylan grand-sons
L.A. is crazy!
When I check my FB page I find photos taken from the day before with 
Bob stepping out of his bus, in the middle of the afternoon. Dressed casual 
in a T-shirt and slacks and white hat.
They are published in
Can't believe to see Bob without a hoodie and Suzie Pullen not flashing 
the paparazzi
What about saying hello to the ..Fans???
I suddenly have bitter/sweet feelings.
The Circus will be in town tomorrow too


Review by Hermann Rechberger

This is gonna be short: as the show and the emotions are the same as
yesterday, I will just explain my thoughts about two songs! My Own Version
Of You: opposite to Tuesday Bob did a complete different rendition, but
how to explain in words what ears can hear so easy? Let me try: Bob
emphasized individual syllables of the words extremely loudly and fell
into a staccato-like rhythm like ‚SHOW me you RIBS, I‘d STICK in the
KNIFE‘ and hold this structure until the end of the song, it sounded
like a nightmare, brutal and threatening, maybe the highlight of the show!
Friend Of The Devil: at the first show an absolute highlight but maybe I
wasn’t really aware of the performance as it was sheer incredible that
he fulfilled our expectations? This time I’m not sure if it was the
weather or something like that? A short conversation between Bob, Tony and
the guitar players as if they decided in the last moment. The song sounded
unrehearsed and Bob murmured the lyrics more than he sang it, maybe he
wasn’t sure if the child in Reno was from him? I'm really looking
forward to the recording, maybe I'm totally wrong, but for me a beautiful
rendition of Every Grain Of Sand would have been better. Tomorrow is
another day, can’t wait!

Hermann Rechberger 


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