Woodinville, Washington

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
Chateau Ampitheatre

June 5, 2016

[Claire and Roger Cutler], [Thomas Lallier]

Review by Claire and Roger Cutler

The second concert at Ste. Michelle, and of the tour, had the same set
list as the first concert. However, Bob and the band were much more in the
groove. Having said that, the review we posted for the opening show of the
concert (June 4) remains applicable and we will not repeat it - so you
don't have to wait to find out what price you have to pay to get out of
going through all these things twice. 

What was omitted in yesterday's review however was more commentary on the
Tempest songs which contribute so much to the current set list (5 songs)
and the mood of these shows. We were remiss in not paying more tribute to
these wonderful performances. We've now given ourselves a good talking'

Duquesne Whistle from the first note had the audience bouncing with its
catchy uplifting tempo. Bob just pounded it out on the piano with his
voice at a perfect pitch, right on time! 

Pay in Blood, Early Roman Kings, and Scarlet Town were performed with
great intensity. It is easy to overlook just what great oeuvres they are
in his vast repertoire. Bob performed them with such determination it was
hard not to feel yourself caught in the midst of these godforsaken
milieus. The wonderfully clever lyrics were delivered with great clarity.
It reminded us that we continue to travel afar (Vancouver Island) to see
Bob; and to praise, not to bury! He continues to be busy being born! 

Long and Wasted Years, as one would expect, was profoundly sad. Bob sang
with incredible emotion and the sense of despair became overwhelming. Bob
poignantly conveyed the forlorn sentiment that at this stage of his life
it is no longer simply a matter of wasting his precious time - deeply

Another hi-lite of the evening was High Water. It may have been the most
driven tune musically of the set list with the band catching fire as each
verse builds with no relief in sight. The performance had the house

Bob remains dedicated to his craft. Seeing him continues to be so much
more than simply observing a musical performance. He remains a captivating
storyteller who immerses the crowd into the story or the experience he
chooses to convey.

Glad to be reunited with Him yet again, if only briefly.  Until October
and the Desert Trip! 

Claire and Roger Cutler


Review by Thomas Lallier

In Search of the Perfect Set

Who knew Bob is a romantic!  The Seattle shows were pure Bob version 18.
Things have certainly Changed and the changes are great. The venue was
spectacular, thanks to all the nice folks and security at Chateau Ste.
Michelle. The big electric numbers were caustic hard driving images of
love lost and the bitter raw emotions that go with the unrequited love.
Dylan interspersed the big songs with 7 Sinatra poignant love songs  which
were sweet, with the longing for new found and old remembered love. If you
have not seen this  upgraded version, donít miss these gems. There is
also a stark realization Bobís sun is setting soon. He maintains a
melancholy mood which underlies much of the show. That Duquesne Whistle is
moving on donít let the train leave without you. 

P.S, Thanks Charlie the guitar work on the Sinatra song were truly moving


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