Lisbon, Portugal
Campo Pequeno

June 4, 2023

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Bobby arriving later by car.
My good friend Hilda offers to pay for me a ticket 
handed by Ian. Thank you so much!
So I'm secured for an entrance.
I spend time chatting with Fans here and there and 
get inside the venue by 7.30 pm.
I'm surprised by the small size of the inside venue. 
Nothing could be more intimate. A lot better than Porto.
I'm on first balcony center with a perfect view.
Bob's on I believe few minutes after 8 pm.
"Watching the river flow" is not that great.
But it's the song to adjust the sound and to give 
time for late folks to take their seats.
The sound will be perfect after that.
Bob's voice as clear as before.
The little grand piano more 'soft' , mixing well with 
the Band.
Bob's body more visible. Though with the light still 
minimalist I can't see Bob's face :(
First few songs are good, as good as they could be.
I realize Bob Britt probably blocking the view of fans 
seated right and Doug Lancio blocking the view of fans 
seated left. No need for bottles on the piano :). 
Tony disappears behind Bob and Jerry being really tall 
is visible, his white glasses flashing in the dark :). 
Donnie, well usual, discreet and efficient.
"I'll be your baby tonight" has a long musical 
instrument in middle song, so will "To be alone with you".
 Time for Bob to relax a bit his voice.
The Brand is tight. No remarks from Bob, except a couple 
or three "thank you".
"Rubicon" is excellent so was "Black rider". And the new 
"My own version of you" swinging good. 
My highlight for tonight.
"Gotta serve somebody"... Well! I found it a bit erratic 
tonight, at the end. My opinion :)
The 14th will be "Not fade away" with a big roar from 
the audience. An audience reacting pretty good. A bunch 
on my right visibly knowing the setlist.
No extravaganza but respect.
Intro of the Band after "Mother of muses". Starting with 
Jerry Pentecost then Doug Lancio then Bob Britt, 
Donnie Heron and Tony Garnier.
No jokes :(
"Jimmy Reed" coming oh! too soon. With also a great 
instrumental with guitars.
Britt and Lancio are doing a great job and Pentecost is 
wild ;holding his sticks in the air.
The inevitable "Every grain of sand". 
Bob picks up is harp but maybe out of time(it seams). 
So he won't do any harp :(
Standing ovation. Really quickly they turn the lights off. 
Bye bye Bobby!
See you tomorrow.


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