Little Rock, Arkansas
Robinson Center

April 11, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Little Rock April 11th.
My 25th show on that tour. I missed only Shreveport.
I traveled Greyhound. And as expected the bus was late arriving in Little Rock. 
But nothing catastrophic :) The driver as nasty as possible. And that is 
catastrophic :(  I booked a room in Econolodge Motel , thanks to the 
generosity of fans of my reviews and paintings.
I rest and doze off all afternoon. I might be exhausted.

By 5 pm I join Stephanie who had been by the venue since morning looking 
for tickets. 
After only one hour a gentleman is attracted by my prints and says he's got 
two extra tickets :) I bargain for 40$ and 6 of my prints :) and the promise 
of a painting of his cat. Cool! We can now relax and both get a warm cup of 
coffee. Mainly to get the caffeine boosting my energy.

The venue looks like a Roman theater with large stairs to climb in front.
Three buses are parked on the side but I don't see Bobby's bus. 
The security is strict : no large bags allowed.
Our seats are all the way up, under the ceiling. Fortunately against the 
wall and on the aisle.
The opportunity to stand up and dance finally arrived. :)
And that will be the most exciting show of the tour for Stephanie and I.
Except for folks taking their seats during the second song...all is well.
The usher doesn't mind the folks opening their cell phones. And this is 
the first time I see so many lights ... A little bit disturbing.
The sound is great. We see the entire stage. We dance on all the songs? 
even 'Mother of Muses". I try my best to make the audience react every 
time Bob moves center stage. I am a little bit wild. But it works and Bob 
seems to be happy and moves center stage quite often.
I applaud long and loud after the long harp intro of "when I paint my 
Masterpiece". All the songs are well delivered. 
I remark that unfortunately the 'parket' or 'floor' is a bit 'dead'. The 
upper  balcony with the cheap tickets is a lot more alive. The children 
of Paradise are wild :)
Who cares about the dead fishes :):)
Bobby wears a silver jacket. 
After "when I paint my Masterpiece" he murmurs something to Bob Britt. 
Not happy with the rythme guitar?

After the show I chat with "kids" who are following in a van. They enjoy 
the show and they buy the rest of my prints. One is from Katmandu 
Nepal :) and a guitar player. 
Nice kids!

Stephanie drives me to my motel for a good night sleep.
I didn't see anything of Little Rock...yet.
Tomorrow is another day.
Thank you all the good people.
See you in Tulsa. 
The Woody Guthrie center is waiting for us and soon the Bob Dylan 
center ( opening May 10th ).


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