Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

RMIT University
Sports Grounds

April 10, 2011

[Ed Haysom]

Review by Ed Haysom

Dylan played at the RMIT Campus in Ho chi Minh city.

I was somewhat apprehensive as I often am before I see him. Will it be
good or bad? What will the sound be like íV muddied ? or the band íV tight
or loose or will the versions of the songs be understandable?

Luckily it was the former. In fact it was bloody wonderful. He was in top
form and the band was awesome. Tight as. Tony Garnier on bass and Charlie
Sexton on guitar and George Recile were incredible. They started with
Change My Way of Thinking íV a big muscular clear sound and Bob's vocals
easily heard in the mix. Fabulous arrangement.

However the best was yet to come with a truly wonderful version of Tangled
Up in Blue with a completely new arrangement then on to a sublime Simple
Twist of Fate, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, a powerful Love Sick  then two
great versions of Highway 61 and Ballad of a Thin Man.

Its probably unfair to single just those songs out because they were all
good. I think that George and Tony have to be his best rhythm section
ever. I love his drummer who just kicks the band along

The crowd was interesting. I live in Australia and have an office in
Saigon and my staff organised a ticket during my monthly visit.  The
audience was a lot of expats, and then quite a few locals íV maybe
5,000-8,000 max. I was up the front standing which was better than
watching in the big entertainment centre at home. Many of the locals had
no idea what they were watching and had come because of Dylan's reputation
as a legend. Some looked completely bemused!

I was worried that he would not have been received well but there were
enough of us hard core followers to keep up the cheering!  What WAS
interesting was how he was evidently enjoying himself. It was a beautiful
balmy evening with a really good vibe from the crowd (not a lot of
security, plenty of dope being smoked) and the band was playing well and
he was really getting into the pieces with some really great extended
soloing and exchanges with Charlie Sexton.  I knew how well it had gone
when at  the end of the concert the band put down their instruments and
started to leave. As I  was pretty close to the front I saw him stop them
and got them back to finish with a truly wonderful version of Forever

I have been seeing him regularly íV well when he comes down under íV since
1976 and this was my favourite concert and one I will always remember

Ed Haysom


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