Osaka, Japan
Osaka Festival Hall

April 8, 2023

[Masaki Minonishi], [D. And Mademoiselle L], [Sonny Boy McFitzson]

Review by Masaki Minonishi

Tonight was the third and the last night at the Festival Hall Osaka, and
my second of this tour. The impression I heard from other fans after the
show were mixed. Some say with excitement that it was a great show, and
others say it wasn't so good. As for me, I thought it was a fantastic
show and I had so much fun tonight. It was so much better than yesterday. 

Yes, he messed up "Every Grain of Sand" by playing the wrong harmonica
and singing the wrong words, but even after that he finished it with a
long and touching harmonica solo.

From the first note of "Watching the River Flow" the band was on
tonight, as if someone clicked a switch. Last night there were times it
seemed that Bob and the band wasn't together, but tonight they were
tight and also seemed relaxed. Maybe the new drummer Jerry Pentecost is
fitting into the band.

The audience's reaction was great too, and I think that led Bob to do
some funny and great phrasings. It seemed he was having fun too. He asked
the audience "Is the piano in tune" before going into "I'll Be
Your Baby Tonight", which was welcomed with a roar. 

I couldn't make out all of the things he said during the band
introductions after "Mother of Muses" but I think he said Bob Britt
was in the show Colombo and I think he introduced Donnie Herron twice.

I am not able to attend the first two Tokyo shows, but I can’t wait to
get back on the third one, because I have a feeling that it’s going to
get better show by show.

I loved every song tonight including the messed up "Every Grain of Sand"
but some favorites for me tonight were,

I Contain Multitudes - Although this is the first song played from
"Rough and Rowdy Ways" during the show, it didn't quite resonate
with me last night, But tonight's strong and tender phrasings by Bob
surely did. I also love the way Doug Lancio throws in a small guitar lick
after Bob sings "And them British bad boys the Rolling Stones".

Black Rider - I loved the dark spooky and sad melody he put on this one
last night, but it was better tonight. I hope he keeps it this way for the
rest of the tour.

To Be Alone With You - Donnie Herron plays great violin on this one, and
Bob seemed to be having fun too.

Key West - I never did understand why everyone loves this song so much,
but that was until tonight. It felt like a real epic song of longing. He
could have gone forever tonight with this song.

Gotta Serve Somebody - I always love the funny lines he throws in to this
song. The guitar solo by Doug Lancio seemed a little out of place last
night, but tonight he nailed it. A real crowd pleaser tonight.

That Old Black Magic - This Gem from the Sinatra years is like a break
and loosens up the audience between the "Rough and Rowdy Ways" songs
that force the audience to concentrate. The band was great on this one and
it was really fun.

Like yesterday I had so much fun with the other fans after the show too.


Review by D. And Mademoiselle L

"The Jesus Show"
The last night in Osaka. It has been 3 days of fun and weirdness dealing
with the Japanese ticket lottery system and robot toilets.

The most entertaining show so far.
We finally had an audience that reacted!

Another amazing "Master piece" introduction that brought spontaneous
applause and a smile to Bob face ending with the first Thank You of the

The band finally got the end of "My own version of you" right tonight, Bob
was super happy, Tony was smiling and we were graced with another Thank

Bob said twice "Is this piano in tune? " ... We shouting back "Yes it is !
" and he replied: "I hope so" He then launched to an amazing "I will be
your baby tonight".

Another Thank you after "Rubicon"

"To be alone with you" seems a little faster tonight

Amazing "serve somebody", Bob gave Doug the chance to play a short guitar
solo. Another thank you. Someone in the audience requested "Heavens door"
we recognised the voice and it made us smile.

The band introduction was very funny. On introducing Bob Brett, Bob said
that he was in the show Colombo where he used to play a policeman and also
a villain.

"Jimmy Reed" sound it really good, but just before the song finish, we
could see that Bob was frustrated and whispered "Jesus".

Then things got really strange.
He started "every grain of sand" with strong harmonica but little more
than a minute into the song he said "Jesus" again and basically stopped
singing. The song just fell apart and he seems to struggle to get it back,
finally reaching for the harmonica a second time to a big round of
applause. The song bounced along but ended with a third blistering
harmonica solo to close the show. After show discussions about what
happened lended to his frustration with the piano being out of tune (but
it sounds OK to us). Some said it was a problem with the band (but it
sounds OK to us also ).

We enjoyed this last night and cannot wait to see him again in Tokyo.


Review by Sonny Boy McFitzson

The drumming on Multitudes was different for each night.
Tonight Pentecost was holding brushes to beat on snares.

Baby Tonight got back to the 2022 arrangement tonight.

But something bad was coming tonight.

First off, Bob introduced Doug Lancio on steel guitar, then he made it

In the second place, like D. & L. wrote,
Bob pissed off “Jesus!” when Jimmy Reed was about to the end.

Bob didn't start singing after the first 4 bars on Every Grain.
He was clearly confusing at my first glance in the 5th row.
He took a harp but the key was wrong that made him being frustrated
Then he pushed on the harp tray forward and took the right harp.
The intro harp must have been recover for the trouble but it worked well
He started singing at an unexpected bar that made things worse.
Tony got right behind Bob to stare at his hands.
But verse 1 of it was an absolute mixed-up confusion.
Bob couldn't remember the words
so he flipped the bunch of lyrics sheets but failed to find it, third
The lyrics were all messed up,
everyone in the band lost the chords not knowing which bar he was in now.
Bob should have been restarted Take 2, but he pressed it on toward the
Might have been a piano trouble, might have been Bob's fever
But it was THE WORST Grain of Sand. 
I've never heard one as bad as this on any audience tape nor bootleg CD.

Sonny Boy McFitzson
Osaka Pref.


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