Shanghai, China

Grand Stage

April 8, 2011

[Mick Munday]

Review by Mick Munday

How many 'reviews' have we all read over the years and wondered if that person
was at a Puff Daddy concert or a Bob show? Sometimes I wonder what makes people
think a bad show is a good one and a great show a poor one ... take a tip from
one who's tried.

Shanghai was only one of those - a great show (make that a stella show) I must
be careful not to use up too many superlatives on this one but from the front of
the balcony (which beats the back of the floor?) the sight & sound was
unparalleled (certainly had more grit than Beijing)

Let's just say an awesome 'Don't Think Twice' a haunting "Simple Twist' a
hair-standing-up-on-back-of-the-neck 'Desolation Row' a killer "Thin Man' and a
nailed-on 'Rolling Stone' (there, that wasn't too many superlatives was it?) 
This is how it should be ... and once was and hopefully will be again in the
future, just great music from Bob (and his Harp) at his best - 70 in May? he's
having a laugh!

Well Al (from the last show) he HAS raised that bar ... even the two songs that
I never want to hear again (won't say which as I'm feeling positive) sounded
just fine last night.

I'm sorry 'Gillette' - you're wrong ..... THAT, was the best a man can get.

Mick Munday


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