Sunrise, Florida
National Car Rental Center
February 1, 2002

[Luis Ugaz]

Review by Luis Ugaz

Two years later, back to the same place, same time, same location...same
event, but definately much better; awsome experience.... I had great
company...i decided to take my girlfriend Vanessa, we are both very young
and even though i love Bob, she is still getting to know more about what
being a Dylanite is all about....but yes, she was great company.... We
kinda got lost on our way to the National Car Rental Center....we were
headed towards Naples at one point but then we were able to make a turn
and get back right on track to the NCRC.... The venue was rather big. I
love the NCRC though....its a very comfortable, nice, ample place...i
really enjoyed being there again...memories from the 98 concert started to
flash back in my mind....would it be the same? would it be worse? would it
be better? With the release of LOVE AND THEFT i had great
expectations....the new cd is just awsome.... but getting to the heart of
the matter...i had bought the tickets in advance so we had very decent
seats, we could see Bob and the band, his band with no problem at all...
It just felt different....the bad seemed to have a simplistic
arrangement...the sound was great though i was very impressed...THE
CONCERT THEN BEGAN... Bob came out with his cool hat and his pope gig
outfit....TONY looking the same as usual in the bass, LARRY had grown a
cool beard....(funny how larry was checking out this chicks that were next
to us- the chicks were kind of wild- larry was eying them
was totally obvious), THE OTHER GUITAR GUY- sorry for my ignorance...whats
his name again? He had a cool suit too...and then the DRUM DUDE...he's the
new drummer right? HE ROCKED....the guy kicks ass...

IM THE MAN THOMAS: Heard it one time only, on the bob dylan sony was pretty heavy and fast paced for being an acoustic was a good start, kind of like a warm soon as Bob came
out on the stage he grabbed his guitar quick and started to hit the was so quick, so fast it was impressive...the crowd was happy
to see Mr. Dylan.... TO RAMONA: Nice rendition....very sweet chords played
by the guitars....Bob's vocals were excellent, compared to the 98
concert....he pronounced the lyrics clearly and emphasized with tone where
he had was a good start, musically at least...i was a little
discontent with the first songs.... im not gonna go over each and every
song, but were the best ones.... GOTTA SERVE SOMBODY: The
first song he played when he went out on the stage back in was a
much better rendition this was well organized, sounded great and
the guitar playing was just perfect....he messed up with the original
lyrics, but GOTTA SERVE SOMBODY was was it....yes it was....
TELL ME IT ISNT TRUE: I had never heard this one before....fell in love
with it...the cadence in the chord arrangement and the guitars...Larry and
the other guy, Bucky i think, did a great job....and the new soon as i got home i did some research on the
song...i didnt know it wasfrom NASHVILLE was pretty
impressive when they played it that night....that little distinctive
melody the song has in the intro got stuck to my head...Bob sang with
passion....lots of passion TANGLED UP IN BLUE: Woke up the crowd...Bob
played it a little different, a little faster paced...more was just like coffee for the woke us all up
and prepared us for what came next.... SUGAR BABY: Nice...i love what they
did with the lights...they made it sound a little different from the one
in the record...more mellow i guess...but it was good....the live
renditions from SUGAR BABY ive heard so far make u appreciate the recorded
CD version, which lack that special touch the live version have.... The
pause or encore break was very brief....they came back out to play
immediately after they had gone down for a break....i was very
surprised....BoB was in great shape....his guitar playing was quite
precise, i saw him doing that knee bending thing several times as well as
other stunts.... THINGS HAVE CHANGED: I was having my 5th beer when they
played this awsome song....i was up, standing, clapping, screaming...go
bob, go bob....vanessa was also there seems she liked the
whole thing....clean electric rendition of the song....very very
good....the band was getting to what many people from the audience were
expecting- some of the big hits.... LIKE A ROLLING STONE: i didnt know
what to do or what to say...vanessa missed the greatest song of the
night....i know its an oldie i know its been played several times and so is the GREATEST SONG EVER....i hope bob plays it in every
concert, forever....its just awsome....the third verse was just so
intense, everybody was up, singing along....there was a game with the
lights and people were just going nutz....when he started the
chorus....HOW DOES IT FEEL...that was it...i thought  i was in
heaven....bob let the guitar go for a while and he started knee bending
and then pointing his fingers at the crowd....HOW DOES IT was
just way too awsome...i had never seen him pull a stunt like that
before....incredible...5/5 stars....never quit playing this one bob, make
it longer...go for the 4 verse version if u can...just like in the
unplugged! KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR: THe new ADAPTED VERSION....very, very
cool...what can i dream came true...bob played my two favorite
oldie songs....i was so happy....the new version is
incredible....its so incredible how bob can change the songs around and
still make them sound good...i love the way the sang it....mellow, sweet,
calm, slow paced with intense chorus... HONEST W ME: PRETTY
COOL....vanessa came back from the bathroom...i just cant believe some
people where in the bathroom....i held it up myself cause i didnt wanna
lose a minute towards the end....sounded the same as LOVE AND THEFT it was
a good way to let the audience know things were about to be wrapped up
BLOWING IN THE WIND: At first i thought it was forever young.....but no i
was was the well known blowing in the wind....with a slight
forever young like twist, but it was still sounded like if it
had been subject to a more inspirational adaptation.... CONCLUSIONS
-Vanessa left the NCRC arena happy...I WAS PERPLEXED - WE WANT TO SEE BOB
SOUND WAS AWSOME - Bob is sounding, dressing, playing and rockin' better
than ever KEEP IT UP!

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